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"Loper Tours" does its best to offer its guests a complete service, all in one place: accommodation, food and consumer goods. In a well supplied mini-market, which is a part of the company, guests can, all in one place, get everything they need: from daily newspaper to periodicals, from food to consumer goods.




Petrovac na moru is olso beautiful in the other seasons. With its mild climate and clean air it is an ideal place for peaceful vacation in the autmn, winter and spring monts. At this time of the year visitors can take long peaceful walks on the beaches of around Petrovac, indulge in sport fishing, visit local cafes and restaurants...


Where is Petrovac na moru



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Restaurant "Pod lozom" is the oldiest inn in Petrovac and one of the oldiest in the whole of Montenegro. It exists for more than 40 years. The restaurant is located 200 meters from the sea and the town's beach, in a beautiful amience, covered with vine leafs which is what gave the restaurant its name. What makes this restaurant special is an exceptional quality of both, pension and a la card offer, and very affordable prices. There are 8 to 10 meals in the pension's offer every day. We have far and wide famous grilled meat made of the freshest and best quolity meat.




Enjoy your holidays in Petrovac with some quiet live music, tasty meal and view of the sea.



- 8 to 10 meals in the pension's offer every day

- Far and wide famous grilled meat made of the freshest and best quolity mea




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